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Leather Keyboard Case for 10 Inch Galaxy

Leather Keyboard Case for 10 Inch Galaxy
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Leather Keyboard Case for 10 Inch Galaxy
Référence : A920
Leather Keyboard Case for 10 Inch Galaxy, HTC Flyer and Acer Tablets
What makes this tablet keyboard case so special? Well, for starters it’s stylishly designed from all-black hand-made leatherette. It effectively protects your tablet from damage due to scratches or accidental drops. And it features a fully loaded USB keyboard that is comfortable enough for all day use.

How does it work? It’s simple- just slide your tablet into the case, plug in the USB keyboard and begin typing away! The full QWERTY keyboard provides all of the essential keys you would find on a laptop so you’ll type with the same speed and precision from the very first day.

If you are looking for a stylish tablet case with a comfortable to use keyboard- then it doesn’t get better than the A92. Take advantage of our factory direct pricing and order the A92 in bulk to generate some nice profit on a sure shot best seller. Buy yours now though because at this price, the A92 is expected to go fast.

At a Glance...

Robust leatherette case for 10 Inch Galaxy, HTC, Acer and more
Safest way to protect your tablet from damage
Comfortable USB keyboard
Laptop style position for natural typing
Ideal for e-mailing, notes and writing long documents
No batteries necessary
Comes with stylus


Manufacturer Specifications

Main Function: 10 Inch Tablet Leather Case + USB Keyboard
Material: Leatherette
Ports: USB 2.0
Color: Black, black keyboard
Compatibility: Galaxy, HTC Flyer and Acer Tablets
Dimensions: L:190 x W:283 x D:30 (mm)
Produits disponibles : 2
2019-12-31 26.5026.50 EUR
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