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Silicone Separated Watchband Replacement

Silicone Separated Watchband Replacement
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Silicone Separated Watchband Replacement
Référence : AW1123B0

About the product
1.Making meticulous, elegant
2.Contracted design style, with you life contracted and not simple
3. Silicone watch band have wear resistance, high temperature resistance, no deformation, non-toxic, tasteless, to human body no side effect and soft, no cracking, the use of advantages of long life, does not irritate the skin and silicone watch band is the real green accessories.
4.Silicone watch strap grace being accompanied by a sense of fashion and soft with a greasy feel, in the cold winter can bring a warm and comfortable feeling to the wearer

Compatible with
Apple: Watch 38mm
Size 15.5cm*3.5cm*0.5cm
Weight 20g
Produits disponibles : 10
2019-12-31 2.002.00 EUR
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