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Volant Kart super mario WII

Volant Kart super mario WII
Volant Kart super mario WII
Référence : WIIMARIO
100% brand new
High quality assurance
Simulate a real hand drive
Enhance the joy of playing racing games
Feel like you are driving a car now instead of just holding the Wii remote
All you have to do is to insert your Wii remote through handle bar
Now you can add more realism to the Wii racing games with this steering wheel
Innovative design ensures quick release of the remote control from the handle bar
Color: White
Made of durable hard plastic
Accessory ONLY (Wii Remote Control NOT Included).
This steering wheel can be used with Excite Truck, GT Pro Series, Excitebike, Mario Kart 64, Moto Roaderm Need for Speed: Carbon Nintendo Wii, Monster 3x3: World Circuit, Cars, and many other Wii Racing games.
Produits disponibles : 3
2019-12-31 9.909.90 EUR
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